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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • What is hair replacement?

    Simply put, hair replacement is the fastest and most thorough way to get your hair back. Less expensive than surgery, it delivers the best-looking hair available in the industry, making you look even better than you did before. For more than three decades, hundreds of thousands of men in North America have used this proven method to get their hair back... though you'd never know it if you met them.

    The secret is Tailor Hair's exclusive 3D digital camera to make precise template. Using an individually-tailored process that matches real human hair to your own, we can create the best graft in natural look for you.

  • Men's Toupee

    With baldness at an early age becoming a common problem among men, the use of stylish human hair toupee has become quite popular these days. These men’s hair systems are extremely easy to use and help men to avoid the embarrassment they might face due to their bald heads. Tailor Hair offers a great collection of different types and styles of men’s toupee that can help cover different exposed sections of the scalp in an easy manner. From a cool funky look to an elegant gentleman style, men cam find a toupee to suit their unique style and budget by browsing through the product catalogue under this section on Tailor Hair.

  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

    Tailor Hair is the leading producers of high quality hair systems within the hair replacement industry. We use the best quality hair and techniques along with advanced technology to create a truly bespoke, natural, and undetectable hair system. This will blend perfectly with your own hair and nobody will ever have to know you wear one.

    We use the highest quality hair available and leading providers in European Hair so we can match your hair with complete confidence.

    We have a solution for each and every client as hair loss can be in many different forms such as partial hair loss, total hair loss or even a condition known as Alopecia where sections of hair fall out.

    At Tailor Hair we have experienced team who will provide you with the best form of non-surgical hair loss solutions to suit your needs and fit your lifestyle.

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