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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • 3 Best Things About Lace Toupees

    It depends on the personal preference that whether you would go for a lace toupee or pick something crafted on a skin base. We happily serve clients of both the preferences, without undermining those who don’t go for any and choose monofilament instead.

    Overall, if we do a random survey, people putting their thumbs up for lace will be more in number than those voting for skin. Wondering why? Allow us to take you through the 3 best features of lace hair replacements.

    Be it a French lace hair piece, Swiss lace hair piece or SFS front French lace one, it’s the texture of lace material that makes it more ventilated than skin bases. It’s not that skin bases are not properly ventilated. They are. Every hairpiece base is ventilated but we are speaking about the degree here. Lace pieces will remain on top in terms of ventilation.

    Lace is meant to be soft since these are knitted using threads of soft cotton. This is one of the reasons that many hairpiece wearers prefer a lace toupee over a skin toupee. But we must say that Bio Skin or Thin Skin hairpieces can compete on this. These two varieties are as soft as lace hairpieces. It depends on the user, whether he likes the touch of soft cotton mesh or he prefers the softness of super thin Poly skin.

    Lace mesh, used in hairpiece crafting, is so fine that the base becomes invisible. People standing close to you with a magnifying glass can figure it out or you can get caught by a macro-lens camera. Otherwise you can absolutely dodge people with an invisible hairpiece hairline, especially if the base material is Superfine Swiss lace and the knots are bleached after construction. If you are not that confident about handling SFS, go for an SFS front French lace toupee, very apt for the hairpiece beginners.


  • Mens hair pieces - custom and pre-made

    If you want to cover a balding scalp, a men's hairpiece is a good method of doing so. The primary goal of any hair piece is to look as unnoticeable as possible. You want the hairpiece you sport to look as much like your natural hair as possible. You certainly don't want anyone to know you are wearing a hair piece.


  • It is all about the hairline

    Tailor hair men’s hairpieces and partials are natural and discreet. Our men’s hair system will give you total confidence when wearing one. Made with our premium Remy hair, we offer lace front and thin skin wig construction options for total comfort and all natural look.


  • Discover the way to a new you

    Today, TV personalities, movie icons, pop stars and people who live in the public eye have turned to hair replacement to maintain a more youthful appearance, boost their confidence and create a more positive image

    Now, thanks to the experts at Tailor Hair. We have researched and pioneered new advances in hair replacement and, combined with the quality of hair and materials now available, we offer the most superior, undetectable systems that create the most authentic, natural-looking results.

    As much experienced manufacturers, we have created the most popular 26 colors or custom-made especially for you.

    If you want to mature with grace but maintain a healthy-looking head of hair, overcome the effects of medical conditions or treatments or just want to have more hair, the experts at Tailor Hair guarantee discreetness, empathy and total confidence. Our promise to you is that unless you want people to know you wear a hair replacement system, it will remain your secret!

  • The Hair System Base

    The base of the hair system is simply the foundation of the prostheses in which the hair is either tied or injected. Today's hair systems primarily use two materials to construct the bases, either polymers or meshes or a combination of the two.

    Mesh Fabric

    Mesh fabrics are typically made of polyester or nylon and are usually used to create the fine hairline of a good product. In some cases, they are used throughout the entire system, which provides an incredibly natural, life like appearance but is impractical for long-term use.

    ①Provides natural and undetectable hairline

    ②Very light weight, cool and comfortable to wear.

    ①More expensive

    ②More delicate and less durable

    ③React with body acids leading to early degrading and other damage


    Polymers are made of either silicone or polyurethane and are used to create a material that mimics the appearance of skin or scalp. The more durable systems use this material and many use it in areas where the hairpiece is to be attached in order to protect the unit for long time wear.

    Can be considerably less expensive,very durable

    Easy to attach (Polyurethane)

    Can be a bit hot an uncomfortable to wear.

    Unless the hairline is made of lace, a less natural or even artificial appearance.

    What kinds of base do you prefer?

  • Do you know about your hair?

    Main component of hair is keratin, accounts for about 97%.

    And keratin is composed of amino acids.

    Normally water content of hair is about 10%

    By each hair are made of hair scale slice, fiber and medulla.


  • Trends for Men Toupees

    Although the bald look remains in thanks to action stars such as Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel, many men are opting for hair replacement systems when their natural hair starts to fade. There are various such systems on the market including laser hair re-growth therapy, non surgical hair replacements, miracle graft hair replacements, crystal lace, the continuous hair graft, celebrity lace, Skin visible and a range of custom made solutions tailored to the clients particular needs.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your personalized hair graft at any time.

  • Cosmopack

    The international business forum & exhibition will be hold on 16-17 September 2015 at Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City.


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