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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • How is a hair replacement system attached?

    There are many options to attach your hair replacement system. You can either use clips, glue or tape. The most popular methods are glue and tape.

    Glue is also called bonding adhesive; it is to apply liquid adhesive to the scalp and then place a hair system to the head. Since there is full contact between the scalp and the base of the system, it offers the most secure attachment.

    Tape on the other hand is easier to apply, especially for beginners, because the tape is double sided and it can easily stick on. Glue and tape both provide a natural appearance; however, they cannot be taken off on a daily basis. Clips are the choice if you want to take off the hair system easily at any time you want.

    Which one do you prefer to use?

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  • The Popular Lace Base of Men's Hair Systems

    Hair systems can be very different from one to another depends on various kinds of hair and base materials. Today, I’m going to introduce another base kind of our factory, the lace base. We have both the French lace and the Swiss lace. They are both thought to be the most breathable hair systems, which are very healthy to skin. Our factory also use a ventilation called “bleach knots," we bleach the knots after tying them to the base to make them virtually invisible. Hair seems to be growing out of the scalp after all.
    The drawback to lace bases is that they need to be treated gently, especially when combing from the root; but actually all hair pieces need to be treated softly, right?

    Welcome to make a trial order here! You will have a amazing hair journey here!

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