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  • How to select a system base?

    How to select a system base?

    Ⅰ Super Fine French Lace
    There is really no reason not to choose French Lace. It is more durable and provide better appearance.

    Ⅱ Super Fine Swiss Lace
    If you desire an ultimate undetectable hairline. You are experienced with hair system application and removal without pulling or tearing the lace. Super fine swiss lace is good choice.

    Ⅲ Monofilament/ Welded mono
    You want a durable and practical system. But monofilament is not as breathable as lace.

    Ⅳ Thin skin
    You want better adhesion at the perimeter. Although thin skin hairline is not as natural as lace hairline, the hair appears to be growing right out of skin material.

    Ⅴ Conventional base
    You can choose the combination as you liked.

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