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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • How To Make A Template

    How To Make A Template ?

    Maybe you don’t want to send out old hair unit, or you have no idea how to make a template, the following steps will help. The template does not have to be accurate, so don’t over worry.

    1. Prepare some cling film, sellotape, a pair of scissors and a black marker. Tear off enough cling film to place on top of your scalp and press on.

    2. Precut the sellotape into strips, which you stick onto the cling film running firstly, in the direction of ear to ear. When finished, you can firm it up by running longer strips of sellotape from front to back of your head.

    3. Take off the mould from your head and cut away the excess cling film. Then you can get the template roughly the size of the area you want to cover.

    4. Draw an outline onto the template carefully with black marker, marking the exact area you wish to cover. Determind the front hairline by taking 4 fingers and placing it above your eyebrow line. The top of your highest finger should be the start of your hairline.

    5. Remove from head again, using the scissors cut down to size.

    6. Mark the template with a circle for the crown. Mark the front with an F and you can use a couple of arrows to show hair direction you want to comb the hair. If you like a parting, draw a line to show it, otherwise add no other markings.

    7. You can lock in all markings with a 3rd layer of sellotape.

    8. Write your name and the date on a piece of paper and staple it to your template.

    9. And please cut a little of your hair and tape them to a sheet of paper with your name on it. This will help us color match. We also have a color chart if you cannot provide a hair sample.

    Besides, YouTube has a number of helpful videos on the subject.

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