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  • The Popular Lace Base of Men's Hair Systems

    Hair systems can be very different from one to another depends on various kinds of hair and base materials. Today, I’m going to introduce another base kind of our factory, the lace base. We have both the French lace and the Swiss lace. They are both thought to be the most breathable hair systems, which are very healthy to skin. Our factory also use a ventilation called “bleach knots," we bleach the knots after tying them to the base to make them virtually invisible. Hair seems to be growing out of the scalp after all.
    The drawback to lace bases is that they need to be treated gently, especially when combing from the root; but actually all hair pieces need to be treated softly, right?

    Welcome to make a trial order here! You will have a amazing hair journey here!

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  • How to order hair replacement on Tailor Hair Shop?

    In order to create more easy way to buy hair system for replacement customers, Shandong Haichuan Hairs Co., Ltd built this website http://bit.ly/21SRIqG Maybe you are a salon owner or hair care center manager, and very familiar with custom order for men’s hair replacements, you can directly order on line with details. http://bit.ly/1SggGLy No matter how complicated your customers requires on base or density or curly type, or on bleached knots or grey hair, all details can be typed in special requirements blank.

    Besides, we develop the advanced 3D camera for making hair graft template. If use Tailor Hair 3D camera, there is no need any experience on stylist. Only several pictures will help you to get the data of customer’s head baldness area. Just need to upload the data, http://bit.ly/1XXEdVD we will help you to make template and produce superior quality toupee in very short production time.

    Also, you can order stock men’s hair replacement from stocks. http://bit.ly/1q5lA7J Those ready-made products are very popular in base designs. Our regular customers grade them which are purchased from Hair Club, Hair Direct and other wholesalers directly. You will figure out how finest quality our products are!

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  • It is all about the hairline

    Tailor hair men’s hairpieces and partials are natural and discreet. Our men’s hair system will give you total confidence when wearing one. Made with our premium Remy hair, we offer lace front and thin skin wig construction options for total comfort and all natural look.


  • Do you know about your hair?

    Main component of hair is keratin, accounts for about 97%.

    And keratin is composed of amino acids.

    Normally water content of hair is about 10%

    By each hair are made of hair scale slice, fiber and medulla.


  • Men's Toupee

    With baldness at an early age becoming a common problem among men, the use of stylish human hair toupee has become quite popular these days. These men’s hair systems are extremely easy to use and help men to avoid the embarrassment they might face due to their bald heads. Tailor Hair offers a great collection of different types and styles of men’s toupee that can help cover different exposed sections of the scalp in an easy manner. From a cool funky look to an elegant gentleman style, men cam find a toupee to suit their unique style and budget by browsing through the product catalogue under this section on Tailor Hair.

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