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  • What is the difference between custom systems, stock systems and duplicate systems?

    Custom Hair Systems require the client to create a template and then choose the preferred base type, hair color, density, percentage gray, wave and cut style, at time of ordering, so that the fit is unique to the client's head shape and hair growth pattern.

    Our Stock Hair Systems are available in either French Lace or Super Fine Swiss Lace bases and can be further customized with options of hair color, density, percentage gray, wave and cut style.

    We can also duplicate the system, when you send it to us temporarily for analysis . We then return your system, review our findings with you and obtain your approval before ordering a system, based on your criteria.

    No matter what kind of hair systems your clients demand, as a professional hair replacement manufacturer, we are able to work with you and support your business.

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  • How to select a wave & curl ?

    Comparing to your growing hair, use the wave & curl chart below. Some of our customers purchase straight and slight wave. Or, you can send us a picture of your natural hair and we can do our utmost to match it.

    Wave & curl chart

    hair system curl type hair system curl type
  • How to select a front contour shape?

    The most common contours are A, AA, CC and C. Most customers will use these contours at the front hairline of the hair system. It is recommended to use a contour as it is much easier to use tapes that are made for a specific contour rather than cut them yourself.

    The below standard contour chart for your information.

    front contour shape front contour shape
  • How to select a hair density ?

    Hair density mainly means how much scalp is showing - with a higher density less scalp is visible. Your hair system should ideally blend well with your natural hair and the density must be appropriate for your age.
    To ensure a proper density match, you can send us some clear pictures showing the sides and back of your own natural hair. We will assist you in determining the appropriate density.
    Here are some popular choices of densities for men hair replacement systems:

    • Light Density:
    This density is about 60%~80% thickness of an average head of hair. It is recommended for people whose natural hair does not have much volume or thickness. Light density on a lace hair system shows a fair amount of scalp.

    • Light to Medium:
    This density is 100% thickness of an average head of hair. This is the most popular density requested for hair replacement systems. The system will have light density around 60%~80% at the hairline and medium density 100% everywhere else. This is the most natural looking and most versatile density for creating different hairstyles.

    hair system density hair density
  • How to measure your base size or bald area?

    If you are not able to send in a template, you may provide us the measurements (width x length) of your bald area.
    The blew picture will be helpful.

    how to measure the base size base size
  • Full Head Wig - custom men's hair systems

    Tailor Hair systems are custom made to fit the shape and size of your balding pattern. Full caps are also available.

    For start, we need a well-made template that shows the proper curvature of the head, the hairline and sideburn areas, so that we can achieve a perfect fitting full head wig of a man. We could consider the following materials, and 3 key areas need be designed:

    1. Primary base material – French Lace or Fine Mono

    2. Frontal Area – French Lace, PU or Skin

    3. Perimeter (used for attachment) – Poly Skin, PU Coated

    The hair density is a majoy factor on what materials should be used. Normally, the more dense the hair, the more durable the
    material needs to be. For example, for densities ranging from light to medium, French Lace can be used. While, for densities like medium/heavy to extra heavy, a more durable fine mono and poly skin should be considered.

    Full cap for men men's hair replacment
  • 5 Ways to Care for Hair System

    5 Ways to Care for Your Hair System

    You may want to take good care of your hair replacement, so it will last as long as possible while looking its best. You may be wondering how to properly care for your hair system to meet the goal. Let the following five expert tips be your guide:

    1. Regular Service
    Encourage your clients to have two sets to make the servicing aspect faster and easier for them. When remove one system, bond and style the second one. Then do deep-conditioning on first system.

    2. Don’t wash your system too much.
    It is no need to wash it every day. If you used to wash your natural hair daily, you should wash just your natural hair and avoid shampooing your system. The moisture of system are easy to strip by daily washing, causing premature fading and discolouration.

    3. Be gentle
    Treat the system with care when you wash it. Washing vigorously can tear hairs out.

    4. Air dry; don’t rub
    Be gentle to avoid pulling out hairs.

    5. Use conditioners.
    Conditioning the hair will restore moisture back into it, leaving it smoother and less likely to tangle. Minimize the hairs you will pull out with brushing.

    hair system care hair replacement care
  • The Popular Lace Base of Men's Hair Systems

    Hair systems can be very different from one to another depends on various kinds of hair and base materials. Today, I’m going to introduce another base kind of our factory, the lace base. We have both the French lace and the Swiss lace. They are both thought to be the most breathable hair systems, which are very healthy to skin. Our factory also use a ventilation called “bleach knots," we bleach the knots after tying them to the base to make them virtually invisible. Hair seems to be growing out of the scalp after all.
    The drawback to lace bases is that they need to be treated gently, especially when combing from the root; but actually all hair pieces need to be treated softly, right?

    Welcome to make a trial order here! You will have a amazing hair journey here!

    swiss lace, french lace men's hair replacement


  • 3 Reasons To Choose Tailor Hair Toupees

    You may want to find a reliable manufacturer of men's hair system, probably bothered by bad hair quality or uncomfortable service. We can solve your problem:

    1. All hair systems from us are hand-tied by skilled workers with 100% Remy Human Hair. They are very durable; and they allow you to be creative with any hair styles.
    2. Best materials are used for our bases. Breathable swiss lace and very thin skin base.They are all here to provide you a natural you.
    3. Orders go directly to our factory from you. Everything will be done in an efficient way with the competitive price.

    For more information, visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tailorhair/

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  • Discover the way to a new you

    Today, TV personalities, movie icons, pop stars and people who live in the public eye have turned to hair replacement to maintain a more youthful appearance, boost their confidence and create a more positive image

    Now, thanks to the experts at Tailor Hair. We have researched and pioneered new advances in hair replacement and, combined with the quality of hair and materials now available, we offer the most superior, undetectable systems that create the most authentic, natural-looking results.

    As much experienced manufacturers, we have created the most popular 26 colors or custom-made especially for you.

    If you want to mature with grace but maintain a healthy-looking head of hair, overcome the effects of medical conditions or treatments or just want to have more hair, the experts at Tailor Hair guarantee discreetness, empathy and total confidence. Our promise to you is that unless you want people to know you wear a hair replacement system, it will remain your secret!

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