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High-technology 3D camera Introduction

This is our 3D camera, which is inspired by a real-life teeth model. We experienced some challenges during its initial development. But now, we have improved in fairly good results for 3 years. At this stage, we are generalizing the use of this new 3D camera to United Stated and Europe market. Also, some Japanese and Korean customers show great interest on it.

The high-technology 3D camera is compose of camera itself, USB cable, power cord, U key and 2 kinds of software. It weigh approximately 2 lbs, small and portable. It includes a 3.5” LCD viewfinder.

Over the course of the photo shoot, customer needs to wear a very thin PU scalp caps. The camera is meant to be used in conjunction with scalp caps that use circle reflectors, be used white light technology to capture the image. Only 5 images are enough to create 3D mold data. By internet, the data transmit to our data center that handles to factory directly. Our factory makes the plaster mold, and then take the template. It saves the delivery time.

3D camera picture

2 thoughts on “High-technology 3D camera Introduction”

  • Clay Daniel
    Clay Daniel May 11, 2016 at 06:42

    Hello, I am interested in speaking to you more about the 3D camera and the specifications on pricing for your various systems. It is important to me that I have a contact person with your company, so that when I place orders for my clients, I feel confident that everything will arrive correctly due to my very specific instructions. If you like you can call me and leave a message, or email me at my address given Thanks,

    • Tailor Hair team
      Tailor Hair team August 9, 2016 at 06:47

      Hello Clay,

      This is Linda from Tailor Hair. I feel so sorry to check this message too later. I would like to be your exclusive customer service of 3D camera and hair systems. I would like to call you directly, but there is no telephone number left. So I reply this message, and later to write to your by email directly. Hope you can check it and contact with me soon. Thank you


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