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Choose From One of the Below Business Models

to Receive YOUR 3D Digital Camera

Shandong Haichuan Hairs is committed to continuously developing the newest and most revolutionary technology in the Hair Replacement business!  Using the very latest science and technology, Shandong Haichuan Hairs has developed a new “High-Tech 3D Camera” for use in perfecting the template making process. In addition to perfecting accuracy in the fit of your custom design, using this new innovative high-tech 3D camera will enhance your customers’ experience, save your time and money and reduce delivery time.

Unlike the traditional methods of utilizing tape, plastic wrap, plaster molds etc...to create your custom design and then shipping those molds; NOW using your 3D camera, you can scan your customer’s individual head shape and then transmit the data (approx. 2M GPD file) to our data processing center.  All data transmitted is secure, automatically numbered and error-free.  Once received, we will decode your data using supporting computer software and create a design perfect in size and fit!

High-Tech 3D Digital Camera Benefits:

  • A more relaxed, comfortable customer experience:  No longer do your customers need to sit for extended periods of time to have their heads wrapped with saran wrap and tape or messy plaster molds.
  • No need to worry about templates expanding due to heat or contracting from the cold.  Using your new 3D Camera, there’s no template to ship!
  • Fast delivery, we calculate the time from receiving your data by internet.
  • Save Money:  Use the internet, not a shipping company to transmit your templates/molds!


If you want to try our high-tech 3D digital camera, we can supply and present the corresponding production services. Here, the following multi-business models for you to make appropriate choices:

Business Models Available:

1. Exclusive Area Franchisee

2. Rent the high-tech 3D digital camera to use in your salon

We invite you to try it out soon! You can contact our subsidiary company in Unite State, and feel free to contact us to get more details.

Note:   Please contact us if you wish to use 2 or more 3D Digital Camera.  We will be happy to create an individual program to perfectly suit your business needs.

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