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Remy hair weft, 20inch, dark color

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Remy hair weft, 20inch, dark color

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Machine Made Hair Weft

Solid and neat sewing; Exquisite craftsmanship.

·Hair type: remy hair ·

·Hair length: 16"-24" ·

·Weight: 100g per pc. ·

·Hair colors: Tailor Hair color ring for hair extension ·

·Texture: Silk straight, Body wave, Deep wave, Loose curly and Afro curl.

·Package: 1 bundle per pack

Under normal condition, we have a large assortment of colors in stock. When you order, we will arrange production as per your request. The product will ship to you in approximately 15 to 20 days by DHL express.



Tailor Hair team are focusing on producing the premium quality hair weft. Our professional technicians control quality from following steps:


1. Material: choosing the pony tails, very soft and resilient.

2. Sewing: Exquisite craftsmanship, solid and neat sewing.

3. Triming: 1cm short trim, tidy and natural.

4. Thin: Stitching workmanship, nice and super thin.

5. Strong: sealed with strong adhesive to ensure no shedding.


We are able to process different color hair weft in good ratio as your demand. Any detailed requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


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Shopping Guide
1. How to order?
Simply click on buy and that will take you to our web based ordering system. It is quick, easy and safe. Our web site is secure and no one else will be able to access your confidential information. After you place your online order, we will send an order confirmation to your e-mail address so that you know we have received your order.
2. What payment options do you offer?
We accept PayPal. If you want to pay with VISA or Mastercard, debit card, please take paypal for payment as paypal almost can accept all the cards.
3. How to track the order?
Once item dispatched, tracking number will be offered via email. Or click my account selection on our website, it is easy to get it. Sometimes Shipping may delayed due to holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. Please keep in mind holidays do not count as a business day and should be considered when calculating shipping times.
About hair system
1. How to order a hair replacement system?
We make it Simple and Easy! Just click on Custom Hair System as instruction or quick order from stock. Any requirements, you can fill in special instructions on online customer order. Of course, you can send us the template or hair color sample, and fill in the express number. Always feel free to contact us: sales@tailorhair.com
2. How long will new hair replacement system last?
Under good care, it can be last 3 months to 1 year. On average, you will need a new hair system every three months or so. Some people replace their hair system every six months and some every month. It is truly a personal decision. The newer the hair system, the more vibrant the hair will be. Now with the more affordable options provided by Tailor Hair. You can replace it at any time as you like.
3. Can You Copy My Existing Graft Exactly?
Absolutely! Send it to us and we'll be glad to have it duplicated exactly. You can even specify changes in base material, hair color, hair density, etc.
4. How long the hair graft order will take?
As we all know, toupees are made by human labor. In order to make exact toupee for you, it needs to spend about 45days of production. Of course, you can choose the rush orders from different cost.
①Standard: about 6-8 weeks
②Express: about 4-5 weeks Add $29 per pc
③Express Plus: about 3-4 weeks Add $58 per pc
About hair extensions
1. How long will it take to add extensions to my own hair?
It depends on what you want. If you are looking for just a few temporary extensions before you go out and dazzle at a party, or to enhance your confidence ahead of a mini-break with someone special or someone new, having hair added in need not to be a long process, it takes a few minutes. However, if you are looking for a more permanent transformation it can take hours.
2. Will people be able to see if I am wearing hair extensions?
The hair is undetectable when in place and will stay in place until you remove them. Nobody will know they are there unless you tell them!
3. Is the extensions made of 100% human hair?
YES. Our extensions are made of 100% Indian Remy human hair and you can treat it as your own hair.
4. Can my hair extensions be straightened, curled, dyed?
Yes. As it is 100% human hair, it can be straightened, curled and coloured. We don’t suggest you dyed it yourself, for this is a very professional things in salon. Always use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first. But remember, any curled or dyed action will influence the hair extension lifespan.
5. How long does hair extensions usually last?
Hair weft can last more than 6 months or longer depending on how often you wear them, shampoo them, colour them etc. The more you look after them the longer they will last.
6. How to apply my wefted hair extensions(weaving)?
1: Clips - Cut wefts to size and sew on toupee clips.
2: Cold Fusion Tape - Use cold fusion tape (Like Diva in a Box Replenish pack) to apply custom cut extensions for a day, a week, or a month!
3: Take to Your Salon
These super versatile wefts can be cut and applied by your salon professional using clips, cold fusion, or other methods of application. Your salon professional can make these customizable extension wefts your ultimate new hairdo.
7. How long my extensions order will take?
Under normal condition, we produce lots of colored hair in stock. When you ordered, we will arrange production as your demand. So the goods will be shipping to you about 15 to 20 days by DHL express.
Returns & Repairs

To return or exchange hair replacement systems or accessories, follow the below directions:

  • ·The product must be returned with the Return Authorization Form(RAF)
  • ·Attached at the bottom of your original invoice
  • ·Return must be within 7 days of the date of purchase
  • ·Product must be in its original condition and original packaging. This includes netting, bags and product label. If the returned Stock unit does not meet the above standards, it will be subject to a $50 factory re-style & finishing fee.

If any accessory is received damaged, it should then be immediately returned, in unused condition.

If there is an error in production you will remake the unit using the original custom order form.  No changes can be made to the original order.


Before shipping the hair replacement, please contact us first to get a quotation from our technician. Hair replacement units must be “thoroughly cleaned and conditioned” before submitting for repair. Addition of hair (repair) into specific areas of used units will generally affect the original shape of the unit, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


1. Comb

* Use the exclusive steel comb or wide tooth comb.

* Brush your hair extensions always start from the ends, and move up towards the scalp, which reduces the possibility of shedding and tangles.

*After a period of use, it should be washed periodically with great care.


2. Wash

*Before washing extensions, gently remove all the tangles.

*Always use a mild shampoo to wash the hair in warm water.

*Carefully blot your hair extensions with a towel to remove excess water, don’t scrub or rub during drying.


3. Others

*After wash, use quality moisturizer conditioner to keep the hair extensions moisturized, which will make it healthy and prolong its life.

*Don’t sleep in or tie up extensions while extensions are still wet.





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