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Terms and Conditions


Tailor Hair accepts PayPal, West Union, Wire Transfers as forms of payment in United States currency (USD).

1. Custom hair replacement units and Accessories require 100% payment of each. All Special Orders require a minimum deposit equal to 50% of order total, if Tailor Hair team agreed. The balance due on each Custom or Special order is then required prior to shipment.

2. If we are unable to obtain authorization on credit or debit card orders and the customer cannot be reached for alternative form of payment, shipment of those orders will be held until alternate forms of payment can be confirmed.

3. Our primary shipping carrier is DHL express. At same time, we also can ship the goods by UPS, FedEex and other express as your demand.

4. Original shipping and handling charges and the extra charges for re-delivery (due to the customer’s refusal of the original delivery) are the responsibility of the customer and will be applied to customer accounts.

5. Wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer if the amount transferred is under $2,500 USD.


Tailor Hair hair replacements are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

On all custom units, there are no guarantees and no refunds for any factory chemical perms. If an order is made as requested on the custom order form, there will be no refund. If the unit was made improperly by the factory, it will be re-made according to the original order specifications per the order form and/or sample at no charge.

Permanent hair attachments or extended wear hair replacements are not guaranteed against hair loss after attachment is attempted or completed. All V-Loop hair replacement system warranties for hair loss become void once the unit has been used.


Customers must request Tailor Hair authorization for return of hair replacement units, and will be given specific information for tracking purposes. Tailor Hair alone determines any manufacturing defects, improper installation and improper care of units, for all returned hair replacement units. All factors below are considered before any decisions are made for either a customer credit, or product exchange, or a unit exchange or repair. Customers are liable for product returns, with Tailor Hair alone having the right to determine any occurrence of the following:

• factors attributable to misuse

• improper installation

• chemical or physical alterations (for example, incorrect “perms”, coloring, etc.)

• accidents or mishandling while in the possession of client

Custom - For return of any Tailor Hair Custom hair replacement unit to be permitted, the following must also be provided for each unit:

• the original Custom order form

• any original client hair samples

• any original mold or design material

Stock - For return of any Tailor Hair Stock hair replacement unit to be permitted, the request must be within 7 days of date of receipt. Each unit returned without original packaging or that is not in original condition is subject to a $50 re-style & finishing fee. Each return request of a Stock unit is only permitted if the unit was not processed in any manner as follows:

• cut

• styled

• worn

• stored incorrectly

• any other processing that alters a unit’s normal characteristics as manufactured


Hair replacement units must be thoroughly cleaned and conditioned before submitting for repair. Addition of hair (repair) into specific areas of used units will generally affect the original shape of the unit, and is therefore not guaranteed.

* Tailor Hair reserves the right to revise these Terms & Conditions of Sale at any time and without prior notice